We are a PPC adjacent keyword ranking agency. We don’t manage your PPC campaigns, we make them better and turn them into organic ranking powerhouses.

We practice a unique method of Amazon SEO that optimizes PPC zip code awareness to drive organic rankings and eventually sales. We are unique in that what we do gives highly repeatable results, allowing us to confidently provide performance guarantees to our clients (please see below for details). We provide this service to sellers with individual marketplace sales exceed $500,000 and who spend at least $5,000 per month on PPC advertising. Further, we only take on ASINs (products) that has at least 35 ratings with an average of 4 stars, which has been on the market for at least 3 months.

*Our service comes with the following performance guarantees:

Performance Guarantee

We guarantee a minimum ranking position for at least 100 zip code locations at the end of a 30 day campaign based on the starting position of the ASIN/Keyword combination under campaign (please see table below). At the beginning of the campaign, we will do a survey of your current ranking in at least 300 zip code locations – at no cost to you. At the end of the campaign, provided you following the campaign protocols and instructions (provided at engagement time) if we do not meet the below standards, we will rerun your campaign(s) for an additional month at no additional costs to you.

Starting Position for at least 100 locations*Guaranteed Ending Position for at least 100 Zip codes
Current Position: #10 - #19Guaranteed Final Position: Top 5
Current Position: #20 - #98Guaranteed Final Position: Top 15
Current Position: #99 - #306 Guaranteed Final Position: Top 30
Current Position: Greater than #306Guaranteed Final Position: Top 100
* Conditions apply, please discuss with your account manager.

* Pricing


Below are our prices. All prices are in USD and are per keyword and covers a 30 day campaign period. Please note, invoice payments may only be made via wire transfer. Payment details are provided with invoices, however please ensure the bank account on the invoice ends in XXX7450.

Marketplace: United States

Monthly Optimization Pricing Per Keyword (USD)
Search Frequency Rank Price*
1 - 49$17,499.99
50 - 99 $14,999.99
100 - 199$10,999.99
200 - 999$6,499.99
1,000 - 2,399$4,749.99
2400 - 4,999$2,949.99
5,000 – 6,499$789.99
6,500 – 7,499$649.99
7,500 – 9,999$499.99
10,000 – 50,000$249.99
Greater than 50,000$149.99
*Please see surcharge table below for any additional fees based on current rank position.

Marketplace: Canada, UK, Germany and France Marketplace Pricing

Monthly Optimization Pricing Per Keyword (USD)
Search Frequency Rank Price*
1 - 49$7,874.99
50 - 99 $6,299.99
100 - 199$4,499.99
200 - 999$2,924.99
1,000 - 2,399$2,249.99
2400 - 4,999$1,349.99
5,000 – 6,499$394.99
6,500 – 7,499$324.99
7,500 – 9,999$249.99
10,000 – 50,000$149.99
Greater than 50,000$99.99
*Please see surcharge table below for any additional fees based on current rank position.
Keyword Rank Surcharge
Based on average keyword rank in:
USA: New York (10005), Miami (33186) and Los Angeles (90016)
Canada: Toronto (M5V 2G7), Montreal (H1G 3Y8), Vancouver (V5Y 2S6)
UK: London (EN4 0AA), Banbridge (BT32 3EJ), AYR (KA7 4JR)
Germany: Berlin (12681), Hamburg (21079),Munich (80939)
Page 1 - 2Page 3 - 7Greater than Page 7


Starting at a monthly spend of $50,000 clients are able to earn a volume discount as outlined in the table below.
Volume Discounts
BUDGETDiscount PercentageSavingsFinal Billing
$500 10%$5,000$450

Referal bonus

We encourage satisfied clients who have colleagues that meet our minimum candidate standard to earn additional discounts towards their own campaigns via our referral bonus program. Specifically you earn 10% of the budget spend by your referee each month for their first 3 months working with us.

So as an example, if your referred seller who spends $20,000 per month on his campaigns, for 3 months, then you will earn $2,000 per month each month as a credit towards your own campaigns. Please note, these bonuses are account credits, not cash payments.

Keep in mind that any referred seller needs a minimum sales of $500,000 in the last 12 months as well as spend at least $5,000 in PPC each month for any marketplace of interest. They also must submit the application form with your Referrer ID. Your Referrer ID can be found on your invoice